Polarised is an independent documentary about LGBTQ+ mental health in London. Through interviews, dramatization, animation and poetry, the documentary will look at the realities of life under austerity for many young LGBTQ+ people. The film will focus on the stories and the plights of those often suffering in silence on the fringes of the mainstream LGBT community, fighting homophobia, cuts and mental illness.

To date, we have run a successful crowd-funding campaign to finance our project, created a short film covering many of our planned themes and run a successful “Glitter Ball” queer night. We are now moving into pre-production and will be aiming to release the feature length documentary in August 2016. Please check out our site to see what we have done so far and how you can help make our dream a reality.

The Polarised Project Short

Trigger Warning: Polarised touches on subjects that some people may find triggering. The short film contains graphic descriptions of rape and frank discussions of mental health issues and disorders including suicide, eating disorders and depression. There are some explicit scenes of self-harm and drug use, as well as use of flashing lights.